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Our German Shepherd Heritage 

Our German Shepherd puppies proudly showcase a heritage that is 100% true to their German roots. They are the result of carefully selected pairings, with both parents originating from respected West German Show Line bloodlines. Within their pedigrees, you’ll find a lineage abundant with World Champions, including renowned “VA and V rated dogs” from Germany 🇩🇪. 

Our Pedigrees prominently feature the following World Sieger Champions: 

    •    5X VA Nino von Tronje 
    •    2X World Sieger VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
    •    World Sieger VA1 Pacco vom Langenbungert 
    •    VA1 World Sieger Ober von Bad Boll 
    •    VA5 Nadja von Jabora 
    •    VA3 Pacco vom Langenbungert 
    •    VA Etoo Aus Wattenscheid 
    •    Vom Elbe Saale 
    •    Winkel Vom Hühnegrab 

We are dedicated to preserving the authenticity of the German Shepherd breed, ensuring that our puppies carry the legacy of excellence that these World Sieger Champions represent.

“E Litter” Puppies 2023 ~

~Puppies Unavailable~

VA Spartacus Vom Team Furstenbrunn and Lola Vom Elbe Saale Winkel

VA Spartacus Vom Team Furstenbrunn

Lola Vom Elbe Saale Winkel

Inosch Vom Reeshoop and Mocha Vom Haus Eames Litter

~Puppies Unavailable~

Born: May 3, 2022

Litter Size: 5 females/2 males

D Litter Puppies- SOLD

D Litter Puppies-2022 (SOLD)

Rex “Nino” X Lola

C Litter Gallery