Puppy Payments and Pricing

  PRICE RANGE: $2,300-$5,500+  (depending on sire/dam and training level)   

There is a $500 price difference between Limited AKC and Full AKC Registration 

 We keep our pricing policy for puppies age 8-10 weeks old at around $2300-$3000. Not every litter is the same and our pricing reflects that accordingly. We accept PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards and Cash. We may offer flexible payment plan options to help families that desire to have a dog, but can not afford to pay the full price up front.  When we purchased our dogs, we paid at least double of what we are asking for the puppies.  And when we work with other kennels and are looking for a new dog to import, we do not expect a dog to be under $3,000. Cost to Import to USA is around $2000 just for transportation, plus additional AKC transfer fees and required DNA testing fees. 


Please Note: We do not leave our dogs uncared for and left alone in a kennel.  They are raised in our home, our pricing reflects the quality pedigree which shows the puppies to be of true "German heritage" , there Lineage being that of the German Show Lines, genetic health testing, and the living conditions of the parents and puppies. The amount of time we devote to our dogs daily, providing physical care, socializing, and training until they go to their forever home. 

Puppy Deposit Payment In Full
  • Puppy Deposit Payment In Full



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